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serious business results."Tim Connor - President, Rodeo!


Cowboy and politician Will Rogers once said, “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” Planning and performance are not just buzzwords but tools which, if properly used, direct a business into success and move it forward effectively. Since we work primarily with businesses and business leadership, we understand things from the those perspectives.

We Help YOU Build Solutions

We understand the hard work and dedication it takes to run a business. And you know your own business better than anyone. The solutions we help build are yours, based on your expert knowledge of your business – and they work for that reason. From identifying desired results to goal planning to helping you design implementation, we work with you through every step of the process, making sure all the important issues are covered.

You might ask, “So what results has Rodeo! helped businesses produce?”

Here is a small sample of solutions we’ve helped businesses develop:

  • Increased employee retention to match state best of 78%, with an associated cost savings of over $600,000 annually (1,600 employee hospital)
  • Increased customer satisfaction by 75 points (30 bed hospital emergency department)
  • Reduced cycle time in core process from 1 week to 3 hours (insurance agency)
  • Developed executive strategic plan and facilitated employee implementation team to accomplish client membership goals 8 months ahead of schedule (large fitness facility)
  • Reduced billing inquiry phone calls by over 600 per week (billing department)
  • Developed and deployed a working clinical dashboard for a 325 bed hospital, increasing market share from 50 to 64%
  • Implemented a unified performance improvement process for a 48 department, 2,300 employee company
  • Reduced case deposition to submission cycle time by 85%, increasing billable hours by 60% (attorney firm)
  • Facilitated the first hospital-wide Constraint Management system in the United States, reducing length of stay by 24 hours (in four months), and improving revenues by over $12 million annually
  • During our process you can leave the footwork of putting ideas together, keeping track of what’s been accomplished, and making sure details are dealt with to us. In exchange, you’ll get results, processes, and plans you can rely on, because they’ve been systematically developed by your team with the help of Rodeo’s facilitators.

    Rodeo Performance Group provided training for the Marion County Continuity of Care Council while I was President of that group. The training was excellent and well received by our members…detailed and very professional… I would highly recommend Tim and the Rodeo Performance Group for your training requirements.

    Jim Samuelson
    Co-Owner, Home Instead Senior Care

    If You’re Still Not Convinced

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