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Baldrige Criteria & Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints


Did you know that the perfect combination for major performance improvement – with sustainability – is realized through combining the Malcolm Baldrige criteria with Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints?

Malcolm Baldrige Quality System

If you want to build an organization – of any type – into one that produces world class results, the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria provide the best model in existence.

While Rodeo! can help organizations prepare to go after the Award itself, our real strength lies in helping implement the Baldrige system. The seven organizational categories, 1) Leadership, 2) Strategic Planning, 3) Customer Focus, 4) Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management, 5) Workforce Focus, 6) Operations Focus, and 7) Results take a company from development of goals and values through full implementation of that strategy within the organization.

What are some of the documented benefits among entities which have implemented the Baldrige system?

  • High customer satisfaction with long term customer loyalty
  • High employee morale
  • Active employee involvement in ongoing quality and service improvement
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Revenues and profitability which far outstrip non-Baldrige competitors
  • Rodeo! provides staff trained as examiners in the Baldrige criteria who can help you organize your organization under this system. Contact us to discuss how this system can help your company.

    Goldratt’s Constraint Management

    Every organization, every department, every process has constraints which hold it back from delivering the quality and speed actually possible – much like one slow gear among an entire set. The same constraints tend to provide the biggest headache to those leadership – and staff – who are intent on doing the best job they can.

    So, what IS a constraint?

    It’s that one gear in the process which can’t go any faster – or WON’T go any faster – and which holds all the others from moving along at the best speed.

    Constraints may arise from within a process, from an outside department, from leadership, even from customers themselves! In fact, no matter how well the Six Sigma, lean, ISO, TQM, or other formal efforts are conducted, if they don’t aim at the actual constraint, their effects will be handicapped and likely to fail in the long term.

    When combined with the Malcolm Baldrige criteria, Constraints Management provides a powerful, multi-level organizational structure able to take full advantage of Six Sigma or lean tools. This combined approach also provides much faster turnaround of interdepartmental improvement efforts, and organizations using it will see such efforts last for the long term – much different from the frequently temporary results normally found.

    Click here for an abbreviated case study of such a combination with the astounding results which came from it.

    Unlike groups who put on seminars spewing fluffy vague ideas about excellence in some theoretical world, Rodeo is different. They work in the same real world that our organization does and enabled us to make actual change based on measurable material. And as we did, they revived the optimism and ambition that inspired our organization to exist in the first place. We can actually go where we decide to go now, using the tools and habits we learned working with Rodeo. It was not just a really good investment: It was also a heck of a lot of fun.

    Joseph Hildner, M.D.
    Managing Partner, Family Doctors of Belleview

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