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You know that the development of any type of strategy takes time and hard work, but it’s dead easy compared with the task of getting departments and staff to buy into and support that strategy. Grumbling, sullenness and sometimes outright rebellion are common results when strategies are implemented, and frequently it’s easiest just to hand out cost and staffing goals and deliver your “my way or the highway” speech!

Been there? Done that?

What executiveswould it mean to have departments analyze your strategy and thoughtfully develop plans that not only supported it, but brought it to pass faster than you ever thought possible. Would that appeal to you?

Rodeo! has worked with executives to develop these plans, and more importantly has provided the training and facilitation to help departments find their individual parts to make those strategies work. Client results have included increases in market share (from 50 to 65%), in revenues ($12 million in new revenues) and in staff morale (to match best in the state), not to mention sending customer loyalty soaring (we helped one client improve customer satisfaction by over 80 percentage points).

In today’s corporation, is such an outcome really possible? Sure it is.

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Planning is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it doesn’t get all mixed up.

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