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Government Agencies

  • How do you accomplish what’s required of you with shrinking budgets?
  • How do you smooth workflow between internal departments, and raise customer satisfaction among citizens who use your services?
  • How do you reduce conflict and politics within your organization?
  • Can you actually plan for working seamlessly over time with changing elected leadership?

Rodeo! provides facilitation for agencies seeking to answer these questions using the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality criteria, which have provided success at both state and federal levels. Our team has been trained in application of these criteria, and we can bring success to your organization.

Call us today at (352) 629-0020 to discuss how Baldrige implementation can help you and your agency.

Government Leaders

Leaders government_sepiawithin government are being increasingly called to accountability for their decisions and actions while in office, yet that accountability is too often tied to wishes of a constituency rather than to the oath of office. Oaths of office, whether administered at a federal or a state level, relate to the support of the Constitution of that governing body, and should combine integrity of character with knowledge of the particular Constitution. Rodeo! provides leadership coaching for both elected officials and agency leaders aimed at providing the basis for leading with character. Jonathan Connor, a Rodeo! associate, has lead discussions on the United States Constitution which have attracted not only citizens but also elected officials, and have been recognized for their accuracy and applicability.

Both Jon and Tim are available as a coach for leaders and also as a speaker for citizen groups who want to increase their understanding of the original intentions of the U.S. Constitution. Contact us to find out how Rodeo can help build your leaders.

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