Customer Focus

By Tim Connor, Rodeo! Performance Group, Inc.

Any organization, manufacturing, medical, education, government, or small business, has basic service processes which, though common and expected are VERY important! You can make a difference in the success of your business by paying attention to them.

Every organization, manufacturing, medical, education, government, small or large, has service processes. These are the processes that provide interaction with clients all through their interaction with your organization, and they make a lasting impression!

How pervasive are these basic services? In manufacturing, they make up 85% of the services in the company! That’s right, only 15% of manufacturing processes have to do with the assembly or production line, the rest have to do with service involving the customer.

Here’s the key point. Even in a small business, those processes are executed dozens of times a day, and often will be done hundreds of times. So being sure they work right is important, and will have a very significant effect on the organization’s profitability or effectiveness.

Common Service Process

What are these common processes? Let’s take a look…

Inquiry Process – before prospects move to considering a sale, they usually want to know more about you and your product. What to Consider: How are inquiries handled? How is the interaction itself in terms of friendliness? Is there a plan that really helps answer questions and concerns, with supporting materials?

Sales Process – the sales process involves working with the customers who’ve come through your door, encouraging them to buy, plain and simple. What to consider: How well is it done? What are the customers’ feelings during the process? How well are their needs and questions addressed? How many sales are made? How many complaints come back to the business after the sale?

Service after the Sale – the process that handles customer questions and issues after the sale has been made. It’s this process that is most important in building loyalty, or long term relationships, with the customer. What to consider: Are common issues and questions identified, and their cause removed whenever possible?

Billing Process – that process that sums up the clients expenditures and accurately reports them, asking for payment (duh!). What to Consider: Is the process accurate? Is it timely? Does it include explanations where they are necessary? Are recurring questions related back to the process so it can be improved?

Service Processes: Ends-In-Mind

Remember, these are the processes that interact with your customer, and the ones that will form the impression of your company in every customer’s mind. Your time taken now could make a big difference in marketing, sales, and customer loyalty.