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Business and Manufacturing

The exodus of many of our nation’s manufactured products, and now services, to offshore sites has given remaining companies the idea that it is impossible to stay competitive as on onshore U.S. organization.

That is not true.

There are still world leaders in manufacturing and service here, including several which have never had significant challenges from outside competition, among them Lincoln Electric and Federal Express. How do they do it?

  • Careful, well-considered strategies
  • Systematic innovation
  • Superlative relationships with customers
  • Continuous realignment of their products with changing customer needs
  • Continual improvement of processes

Credentials Aren’t Enough! You Need a Plan

Rodeo! experts have over 30 years combined experience in training clients for effectiveness in:

  • High speed cycle time reduction
  • Process mapping and process management
  • Statistical process control
  • Team building
  • Team leader and team member development
  • Problem solving
  • Measurement development and monitoring

If you believe your company would benefit from these strategies, then we at Rodeo! can help you make them a reality. Our team of experts will consult with you to assess your productivity, throughout, efficiency and human resources strengths to better guide your future strategies.

Since we completed the [Executive Coaching] process I’ve been made team leader of two marketing and development teams, one with a company founder on it. Your work has made me better able to handle the different personalities and positions on the teams…

Biomedical Device Design Engineer

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